Double-Click Flash Fic

dcff-coverIn the summer of 2016, Iguana Books published my first book: Double-Click Flash Fic: A Chapbook of Fiction and Poetry. Available in paperback and ebook, it’s an anthology of flash fiction, flash verse, vignettes, and odd miscellany. From the back cover:

The stories, poems, and sundry pieces that form Maya Sokolovski’s debut collection, Double-Click Flash Fic, are written in an experimental style that spans the epistolary, the postmodern, the lyric, and the absurd. Together they chart the inexorable path from love, to loss, to madness – and finally to hope. Eccentric, edgy, and evocative, this is flash fiction boldly brought to life.

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Drunk Monkeys Book Review of Double-Click Flash Fic

“It’s truly a masterfully written first collection from a promising young Russian expat, who has a clear and unique voice that is all her own. This book is filled with many profound but always exciting dives into the psyche of a 21st century mind. As diverse, as it is illuminating, this compilation never ceases to amuse. Like a zesty summer cocktail, each gulp is uniquely delicious and packs a punch; best of all, it can be easily consumed in one long delightful sip.”—Yulia

“This is a great read full of witty observations of life and wild imaginations of what could have been in life. In both cases, the cordiality and integrity of the author shine through. Given the author’s Russian background, some of the stories and poems in this book also serve as a peephole into the entrancing Russian culture.”—Lingfei

“The stories are exquisite and fascinating, which touch your heart with so many different emotions. I’d recommend it to anyone who’d like to enjoy some time on short reading adventures.”—Amazon Customer