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Over the past year, I embarked on an ambitious new project: my first novel.

I’m writing it in fits and starts, with distractions and detours, the way I tend to write when I do longform work.

Such is the creative process, which winds and spirals until it hits the center, the sweet spot – also known as the final draft.

When people ask me what my novel is about, I say, “The Russian mafia,” and leave it at that. An air of mystery is essential, I find, when talking about major works in progress. Not because of any inherent pretensions, but rather because a) I’m a shy, reserved person in real life, and b) it seems that in talking too much about my work I release all the creative steam that I need to propel me to its completion. As it stands, I’m on my third draft with a view toward another 2–3 drafts until it’s done and polished to a fine sheen. So I shall keep mum until I’m good and ready.

Having said that, I’d like to share with you my book’s working title and logline:

The Russian Girl—A young woman spies, seduces, steals, and scams – anything to win the heart of a Russian mafia boss.

It’s a mix of urban noir and dark romance… and that’s all I have to say about that.

My second project is mercifully short: an entry for the 2018 CBC Short Story Contest. I’ve been aware of the CBC’s literary contests for short stories, poetry, and nonfiction for several years now. However, I have never submitted anything, even when my friends did and encouraged me to do the same. My excuse was a mix of stinginess about the entry fee, lack of confidence in my writing abilities, and a nebulous lack of inspiration.

This year, I feel like I finally have it in me. My themes, which I selected with care, hopefully reflect the Canadian spirit: nature, culture, family, and survival. I have a story draft that I’m revising, and CAD25 budgeted for my submission. And to be quite honest, I’m very excited to be in the submission game again after a lengthy absence.

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6 Stories Collection Available – Free!


Free ebook alert!

Read 6 Stories, a collection of original flash fiction written by yours truly. It’s free to download!

6 Stories, Maya Sokolovski’s second collection of flash fiction, is a trip through time and ephemera – where playful prose and vivid verse intersect. Presented here are flash stories about close relationships and the complications that inevitably ensue. Lyrical, sensate, and visceral, these are stories to make you feel and think and wonder. Continuing where her first book (Double-Click Flash Fic) left off, this is even more flash fiction boldly brought to life.

Available exclusively from Kobo. Download the ebook and read it tonight!

*Update*: the free ebook promotion ends July 31, 2017, so read soon because after that day, the price will go up.

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“Sonnet on a Supermodel” Published in the 2016 Journal of the Society of Classical Poets

2016-journal-scpApril 18, 2016

It’s official—I’m a poet!

I’ve been writing poetry and random verse since I was a teen, but it’s only now that one of my poem has been published. Find my poem, “Sonnet on a Supermodel”, in the 2016 journal of the Society of Classical Poets. It rhymes! It’s a sonnet—with a twist.

I’m so very pleased, honoured, and humbled to have my poem be part of this collection. Looking ahead, I see myself penning many more lines of verse and refining my craft. Stay tuned.


“Alexei” Published in the RIDE 3 Anthology

ride3February 29, 2016

I’m very happy to announce that my short story, “Alexei”, is now available as part of the RIDE 3 anthology of short bicycle fiction. You can download RIDE 3 to your Kindle or purchase a paperback copy on Amazon.

If you like or love bikes, or have at least one pleasant recollection of riding a bicycle, in the summertime, breeze through your hair… well, RIDE 3 is a great memento. And you get great value. USD$12.99 for over 100 pages of beautifully crafted stories and poems.

The editor and publisher of the anthology, Keith Snyder, did a wonderful job. And I couldn’t be more pleased.

Aaron M. Wilson, a way-cool short fiction writer, posted an awesome review of my story on his website. Merci beaucoup!


The Burning Glass

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December 30, 2013

Marking a first for me is the publication of my short short story, “The Burning Glass,” in The First Line literary journal. It is a piece of flash fiction, the first piece of fiction that I have ever sold. While the payment was modest, it still gave me a much-needed confidence boost as I pursue creative writing projects alongside my regular nonfiction and technical work.

You can find the issue where my story appears here. I hope this will be the first in many more such publications to come.


Hello readers!

moiWelcome to my website! I’m Maya, an author, writer, editor, business analyst, and a bunch of other roles. My first book, Double-Click Flash Fic: A Chapbook of Short Fiction and Poetry, was published last summer, and I’m just tickled pink to share it with you.

I started this website to separate my technical work from my creative writing. If you’re into informative technical text in a plain language style, you could check out my online portfolio. I hope, though, that you’ll like this author site enough to hang out for a while.

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If you follow me, you’ll get updates on new stories and poems I write and publish at various literary markets. I’m constantly drafting and revising stories, researching and submitting to all sorts of fun and unusual publications. Do read on!

My first few posts on this site will be, in effect, a migration of previously published clips from my online portfolio. I recently submitted three pieces to different markets, and if those get published, you can be sure I’ll write about them here. And if not… well, there’s lots more markets where that came from! And creative scribblings to boot.

Using the Timeline as my channel, I post weekly notes about the writing craft, my thoughts on authors and books I admire, representations of millennials and women, topical news stories, and more – for my Facebook friends to read. Once I gain enough momentum, I’ll post them here, too.

To you, dear readers, I promise a never-ending stream of entertaining, thought-provoking work, and all sorts of writings that might inspire you to put pen to paper. I thrive on feedback, so if you have anything to say, please leave a comment or a review. Every comment will be read and responded to.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned.

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