Hello readers!

moiWelcome to my website! I’m Maya, an author, writer, editor, business analyst, and a bunch of other roles. My first book, Double-Click Flash Fic: A Chapbook of Short Fiction and Poetry, was published last summer, and I’m just tickled pink to share it with you.

I started this website to separate my technical work from my creative writing. If you’re into informative technical text in a plain language style, you could check out my online portfolio. I hope, though, that you’ll like this author site enough to hang out for a while.

Image credit: paul bica, Flickr

If you follow me, you’ll get updates on new stories and poems I write and publish at various literary markets. I’m constantly drafting and revising stories, researching and submitting to all sorts of fun and unusual publications. Do read on!

My first few posts on this site will be, in effect, a migration of previously published clips from my online portfolio. I recently submitted three pieces to different markets, and if those get published, you can be sure I’ll write about them here. And if not… well, there’s lots more markets where that came from! And creative scribblings to boot.

Using the Timeline as my channel, I post weekly notes about the writing craft, my thoughts on authors and books I admire, representations of millennials and women, topical news stories, and more – for my Facebook friends to read. Once I gain enough momentum, I’ll post them here, too.

To you, dear readers, I promise a never-ending stream of entertaining, thought-provoking work, and all sorts of writings that might inspire you to put pen to paper. I thrive on feedback, so if you have anything to say, please leave a comment or a review. Every comment will be read and responded to.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned.

Always writing,




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